Performance Day at La Ferme Du Buisson


Saturday, 13.02.2016

Alfred Palestra, our book is launched in France with a reading by poet Marius Loris during the Performance Day at La Ferme du Buisson.

More and more frequently contemporary artists are blending the codes of the visual arts with those of the stage, in an exploration of an interspace of potential art forms.Performance Day is a new, annual event, with international artists and curators being invited to make use of our theatre space. The aim is to work with other art bodies and festivals, with an emphasis on sharing insights and (co)producing hybrid works of art. 

As a fundamentally multidisciplinary venture, la Ferme du Buisson has an obligation to welcome and assist practices that include performance as an active force in the transgression of conventional limitations. For this first edition it seemed natural to invoke Alfred Jarry, that iconic scuttler of categories, as its tutelary figure. 

Tying in with La Valse des pantins exhibition and the international “Alfred Jarry Archipelago” project, Performance Day is a celebration of physical and linguistic contortions, absurdist humour and blatant amateurism ; these being the tools the participating artists bring to a meticulous deconstruction of accepted standards, via approaches including marathon performances, open-air strolls and sound installations, screenings, improvised musical happenings, readings from Jarry and barroom-style discussions about « the uselessness of the theatre to the theatre ». 

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