Sight and Sounds: Hungary


Sight and Sounds: Hungary
27.03. – 30.04.2015

Sights and Sounds: Hungary features new work by László Csáki, Anja Medved, Csaba Nemes, and Šević in collaboration with Tehnica Schweiz, selected by Tijana Stepanović

Artist statement  by the curator, Tijana Stepanović:

In contemporary society, any kind of professional activity is a transdisciplinary articulation of complex relationships. In my curating I emphasize openness, rigorous criticism, and reflexivity. I create exhibitions (I prefer to call them situations) based on these principles. I focus on socially charged issues, expressed through multiple perspectives, combined in innovative ways. My Serbian and Hungarian origins have given me valuable insights into diversity, as has my experience in activities independent of curatorial work, such as social psychology, screenwriting, teaching, and even digital technologies.

The video medium allows a very immediate artistic reflection, which flows directly to the audience. After the end of the Soviet Union, in the nations formerly behind the Iron Curtain, video art became an effective, relatively cheap tool for documentation, analysis, and critique. Video artists continue to use a range of means to comment on political, social, economic, and cultural context and change — performances, edited and moderated documentations, puppet shows, and animations, among many other approaches. This selection shows the diversity of which the medium is capable, in works that deal with personal doubts and social conflicts related to national identity, exile, family, and history.


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