The Blue Room Book Launch in Budapest and Berlin!


The Blue Room – The book is ready!

in Budapest on 27.11.2021 at ISBN
in Berlin on 11.12.2021 at Yellow Solo

About the book:

Texts: Hedvig Turai and Margaret Tali
Editors: Eszter Lázár & Tehnica Schweiz
Graphic Design: Till Gathmann
Translations: Dániel Sipos
Publisher: Archive Books

Berlin/Budapest, 2021

The project and the production of this book was made possible by the kind contributions
of: Péter Barta, Attila Brezoczky, Gábor Pados, Péter Szauer, Domokos Kuny, acb
Gallery, FabLab Budapest, MOME – Moholy-Nagy University of Art, Proton Cinema

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