The Garage Project

Photos: Garages in Dunaújváros, 2006-2007

We started working on of the largest garage-streets of Dunaújváros. The garage-settlement is a union of 1200 garages adjacent to the Duna Iron Works, upon which the development and construction of the entire city of Dunaújváros was built in the early 50s.These garages were communally built in the late 60s, mid-70s by some workers of the factory. The garage-street, in a perfect grid, resembles the structure and urban plan of the city of Dunaújváros ( “Stalin City” until 1961).

Our work consisted of three stages. First, we photographed garage-interiors, to understand the varieties of their usage. In the second stage of our project, we rented one of the garages, where we started to install and stage ideas of what we and our friends imagined to find behind a locked garage-door.

Finally, in two consequent years we organized the Garage Festival, with the participation of almost all local amateur bands (who use these garages for rehearsals), bikers, skaters, jugglers, the local poetry club, and more. The preparation, the campaign, and all the events were organized with the participation of volunteering local communities.

Video documentation of the 2nd Garage Festival in 2009

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